Thursday 25 September 2014

God bless the drunkard's dog...

How do?

It's been a while since I last did an update...actually, i think i did an email mid-August (join the mailing list, you're missing out!)...things have been going on in Wild Animals Towers (Box Hill) though.

I'm currently doing a bit of writing  for a cracking mag called Veri.Live based over here in Melbs. It's top class (but not top shelf) and each copy comes with a 7" record, which is ALLLLLRIIIIIGHT!! Check it out!

This weekend I WILL be putting together the Giles Reed EP (I promises, Giles...sorry!). I've got a pile of nice card, some nautical rubberstamps and a bunch of paper string. This EP is being done in exchange for a Fostex X14 four track tape recorder which Giles has sent to me. This is the model before the Fostex X12 I had 15 years ago so I'm going to be dumbing it right down. Sod garageband!

The order has been placed for the Claws & Organs 12" 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me', which is bloody exciting! I'll be expecting that mid-November...which is bloody ages away! As you may or may not know, everything we do is hand stamped etc so when i order a record it is always just blank white labels in a paper sleeve. So, I'll try and get the sleeve and everything else ready for the records arrival so I can just stamp the labels and get it out to you lucky bastards! I'm the mean time, have Claws & Organs coming in your ears HERE! 

Also, I'll be doing another 7", hopefully before Christmas, featuring Aussie stoner, droner, boner(?) duo Hotel Wrecking City Traders and UK twenty-eight piece noise lords Hey Colossus...exciting stuff for me as I have a deep love for both bands....deeply deep.

"Doing Lunch" with Raul today so I will force him to talk about his album that I seem to have been banging on about for 6mnths!

Also, I wanna do a split 7" with Ex-Wives from Scotland (who have kindly pencil. HA!) and Bodies from Melbs (Who I've not actually asked yet...chaps?).

Anyway, loads of other stuff going on...I've written too much already.

While you wait of all this great stuff, buy other stuff from me. I promise when I am rich and infamous, I will allow you all to live vicariously through me. I'm kind.

Serenity NOW!


oh, P bloody S: I forgot, the kind folk at It's Psychedelic Baby mag asked me some question and i answered them! cute... READ ALL ABOUT IT!