Saturday 22 November 2014

Claws & Organs 12" and CD! Hotel Wreckers & Hey Colossus split 12"! Bodies & Ex-Wives split 7"!

This is an exact copy of an email i just sent....coz i'm a lazy sod!

Hi  everybody,

I've just put the Claws & Organs 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' 12" and CD up in the shoppe...
CD is limited to just 50 copies and i've only got as many as were leftover from their recent tour! 12" vinyl will be ready early December but you can get your wallets out now and buy a copy if you like. There are only 200 copies, 100 black, 100 random colours of which i'll do a break down when i get 'em.

When I first saw Claws & Organs playing at the Old Bar in Melbourne they evoked memories in me of nights out back in the Old Smoke seeing Stony Sleep, The Horrors, Nine Black Alps and loads of other stuff I loved in my 20's. The second time I saw them (at The Tote) I asked them if I could put a record out by them! When they sent me the tracks that make up 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' I was blown away! As grim and moody as it is fresh and exhilarating. They should play in the dark with a single while light and loads of dry ice....I saw them pay in a park recently, they were practically translucent!

Anyway, once that is out i'll start pinning down some ideas for Raul's CD. He's got some cool ideas so it should be a great package.

Beyond that, i'll be doing a couple of split vinyl records in 2015....a 12" from London stoners, Hey Colossus and Melbourne...err...stoners, Hotel Wrecking City Traders (...who are supporting Sleep at the Corner soon) and a 7" from beardy Scots, Ex-Wives and beardy Melburnians, Bodies! Unfortunately, getting record pressed take fooking ages and that Record Store Days thing gets right in the way so these may not be out for another!t eh?! Anyone know how to make a record pressing machine?

Thanks for reading. Please by some stuff and keep my dream alive!


Wild Animals Records


Claws & Organs "I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me" 12"/CD
Lonely Wholesome "Vanity/Lethargy" 7"
Giles Read "Law Of The Sea" CD
Sheen "Sheen" CD

COMING SOON...but not soon enough!

Bodies / Ex-Wives "Split" 7"
Hey Colossus / Hotel Wrecking City Traders "Split" 12"
Raul Sanchez i Jorge "Masks" CD

Friday 3 October 2014

Giles Read: Law Of The Sea

Hey music fans,

Just a quick note to let you know Giles Read's Law Of The Sea mini-album is now in the shoppe:

Its a pleasurable jaunt through folky guitars and wistful warblings...until you get the tracks six, which rocks the fuck out! well...not quite "the fuck out"...but you'll hear what I mean.

This is a seven track mini-album/EP type thing. Yes it IS for the faint hearted and might make you cry AND smile at the same time. Imagine that! Giles has been my friend for many years and I was so pleased when he agreed to let me put some of his music out. He's quite secretive about it all and seldom does any shows. I've seen him play these tracks maybe three times!

This is actually the third CD I have done for Giles.

Also coming soon:

Claws & Organs I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me 12" EP. 
Godlike grungy Melbournians who will be on tour just before the 12" will actually be ready...oh well! I'm going to be doing a short run of CDs for the tour in some tasty packaging (this isn't a clue about edible packaging...but now I mention it...!!). I'll try and keep a few back for the shop.

Hotel Wrecking City Traders / Hey Colossus split 12".
Should come together and January. I believe Paul HC is doing some artwork for it. You know know as much as I do about this release!

Ex-Wives / Bodies split 7".
Angry Scotland meets angry Australia....this will be fucking great!

Thanks for listening

Thursday 25 September 2014

God bless the drunkard's dog...

How do?

It's been a while since I last did an update...actually, i think i did an email mid-August (join the mailing list, you're missing out!)...things have been going on in Wild Animals Towers (Box Hill) though.

I'm currently doing a bit of writing  for a cracking mag called Veri.Live based over here in Melbs. It's top class (but not top shelf) and each copy comes with a 7" record, which is ALLLLLRIIIIIGHT!! Check it out!

This weekend I WILL be putting together the Giles Reed EP (I promises, Giles...sorry!). I've got a pile of nice card, some nautical rubberstamps and a bunch of paper string. This EP is being done in exchange for a Fostex X14 four track tape recorder which Giles has sent to me. This is the model before the Fostex X12 I had 15 years ago so I'm going to be dumbing it right down. Sod garageband!

The order has been placed for the Claws & Organs 12" 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me', which is bloody exciting! I'll be expecting that mid-November...which is bloody ages away! As you may or may not know, everything we do is hand stamped etc so when i order a record it is always just blank white labels in a paper sleeve. So, I'll try and get the sleeve and everything else ready for the records arrival so I can just stamp the labels and get it out to you lucky bastards! I'm the mean time, have Claws & Organs coming in your ears HERE! 

Also, I'll be doing another 7", hopefully before Christmas, featuring Aussie stoner, droner, boner(?) duo Hotel Wrecking City Traders and UK twenty-eight piece noise lords Hey Colossus...exciting stuff for me as I have a deep love for both bands....deeply deep.

"Doing Lunch" with Raul today so I will force him to talk about his album that I seem to have been banging on about for 6mnths!

Also, I wanna do a split 7" with Ex-Wives from Scotland (who have kindly pencil. HA!) and Bodies from Melbs (Who I've not actually asked yet...chaps?).

Anyway, loads of other stuff going on...I've written too much already.

While you wait of all this great stuff, buy other stuff from me. I promise when I am rich and infamous, I will allow you all to live vicariously through me. I'm kind.

Serenity NOW!


oh, P bloody S: I forgot, the kind folk at It's Psychedelic Baby mag asked me some question and i answered them! cute... READ ALL ABOUT IT!

Friday 4 July 2014

Link me up, buttercup...

Hi Schnukie-Pops,

Thanks to all who have ordered the Lonely Wholesome 7". Still got a few coloured vinyl up for grabs HERE.
Noisey /Vice have interviewed Jonah and asked him about Box Hill...which is cute! you can read that HERE.
UK peeps, you can get the 7" from HERE, HERE, HERE or preferable from HERE.
People in the Americas can get it....soon....I've sent it to some has listed it yet! HA!
Aussies, you can get it from me or if you leave your house (in Melbs), HERE and HERE!

I've got two Crap Crab tapes left...IT FLEW OUT! Tapes are cool, yeah? (Jesus!!?). Anyway, get it HERE or if you are in the UK, HERE! Also, get a fucking fantastic 70+ song compilation from Riot Season Records HERE which is only a fiver (that's five English pounds) and also features a new Crap Crab tune and a shit tonne of other great bands!

The Sheen album has also picked up in the last couple of's been a slow burned but WHAT AN ALBUM! I bloody love a hand full left HERE and again, UK peeps can get it from HERE. Also, the band (who are now an 'ex' band) have just put up some live demos of newer tracks recorded after the album which is available HERE!

Just so you know, you might need to email some of those HERE's to get em, but they got em!

Next I'm doing a solo album thing of what I'll be calling Cowboy-Drone from Raul Sanchez i Jorge* form River Of Snakes, Magic Dirt, Midnight Woolf and The Ape (currently!), a CD from my old 'gig buddy' from the UK, Giles Reed....he does some great bluesy stuff and he's my mate.

Also, I want to put a records out by Gold Class and Monotony....but they won't reply to my emails!
But i will be putting Ex-Wives on a comp 7" later in the year!


Thanks for helping out

* i just found this, hilarious! "Oh...hey!"

Thursday 5 June 2014

Bohemian Crapsody...

Sunday 1 June 2014

Lonely Wholesome (Jonah from F*cked Up) 7" and Crap Crab cassette NEW IN THE SHOP!!!


I have spent the weekend rubber stamping and pissing about with's like heaven! ...apart from that ache I get across my middle from leaning over the ol' cutting mat for hours on end. It reminds me of trips on Megabus or Easyjet. I think it's like a reverse hernia or something....!?

Anyway, finally up in the shoppe is the Lonely Wholesome 7" AND the Crap Crab tape. What a treat eh! I am super proud of both releases. One is the biggest run of copies I have done yet and the other is the smallest run yet. There are 400 copies of the Lonely Wholesome 7" with 116 of those on limited colour vinyl and only 25 for the Crap Crab tape.

For any of you not teetering on the very edge of the edge of thee cutting edge, Lonely Wholesome is Jonah Falco of Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Smart Boys...err...Mad, there are prob more, this guy is a not stop music machine. I reckon he's pretty great and I reckon you do too.

Crap Crap are still recording...proper songs, for and album like. This tape is a 15min improv jam. I like jam. Whatever I try and write about this track will sound terrible but I can honestly say, I didn't believe a word they said when they told me they just "made it up"'s too good!

Anyway, please keep me in business...

Love always (and all ways)

Monday 26 May 2014

Things coming....


All of you should be well...I hope you are!

Lots of things going down at Wild Animals Towers (Box Hill, Victoria):

Just finished the Crap Crab's called 'Bohemian Crapsody' and it is a totally improvised 15min jam. I don't know how these guys do it! I refused to believe it is improvised ( is)! I'm still being secretive about what this release is...but I can say I am am super proud of this one. The bands copies are in the post, as soon as they tell me they've got 'em, they'll be in the shop. THERE WILL ONLY BE 25 COPIES!

Also, they have another brand new track on this outstanding compilation from the dudes at Riot Season Record back in the's only £5 for 76 tracks!!! It is also for a good, nay, GREAT cause. Poor old Peter Kemp who the compilation is in honour of is now sadly no longer with us...his record reviews were/are always an entertaining read...

Lonely Wholesome 7"s are on their way to Oz (that's Australia, not on their way to see the wizard). I'm not sure I can express how please I am to be putting this 7" out. Sleeves and inserts are getting rubber stamped by the team (that's me...) this week and the road trip to pick them up from the lovely lovelies at R.I.P. Society in Sydney is being planned! That one will be 400 copies, 100 of which are coloured vinyl.
In the meantime, Jonah is in another band you might have heard of, you can buy their new album here...

Raul Sanchez i Jorge has given me a copy of his album (debut album i'll have you know) and FUCK, it is AMAZING! Hey, don't go thinking "ahh, he's bound to say that...he's putting it out!" ...this is a cracking album. I'm about to coin another new genre (see 'Hard-Pop') it comes....'Cowboy Drone'! This album is just amazing...I LOVE IT! Anyway, in the mean time you can see Raul rocking out with Aussie 'Next Big Thing' Violent Soho in front of a few thousand people when he helped them out at a show last week...

Stay tuned, dream boats

Tuesday 15 April 2014

'Sheen' by Sheen ...for sale NOW! only 42 copies be quick!

Hi Skeletons, I've just added the new album from Sheen to the shoppe...

I've just spilt my own lovely review of the band out the top of my's in the shop thing.
But here are some other kind words peeps have written about them recently:

...and even the NME got involved: "London six-piece Sheen might just be the midpoint where Sonic Youth and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower meet. Made up of members who come from Wales, Poland and beyond, their twisted take on dream-pop and shoegaze is gloriously seductive, the sound of a band revelling in a unification of different cultures.

Anyway, the poor buggers have split up. When I heard their last show in March 2014 was also their album launch gig, I got in contact to see if Wild Animals Records could do a physical version...happily, they agreed! I'm glad i got to see them a bunch of times while I lived in London.

There are only 42 copies of this and eight copies are earmarked for the band and myself. So, only 35 for move quick! It comes in a silver screen printed and hand-numbered black Arigato Pak. CDs are hand stamped and there are a couple of card insert that actually look quite professional!

UK pals, current exchange rate makes this about £8.00 delivered. BARGAIN!

Next up we've got a super nice Crap Crab thing and the Lonely Wholesome 7"...exciting!


Friday 11 April 2014

Sheen (ex-band from London)

Hi you y'all, all the bits for the Sheen CD arrived this week so I should get them done this weekend (maybe...I'm going to see Midnight Woolf on Sunday).

Anyway, if you really can't wait you can buy a boring old download from here.

Also, they sent me the 'thank you' list they wanted in the CD too just read it on that link above...ok?! (Sorry Sheen).

Also, my pal Dave helped me out with the more computery stuff on this one...people kept asking me about DPI...I told them, I'm not into that, my back door is one-way only, baby!!
Anyway, you can get his help too ...he's so talented that if he wasn't my pal I'd be sick in his letter box, and I'm not talking 'DPI'...!?
...oh, and this is his fave song...


Monday 31 March 2014


So Humans, we at Wild Animals Records are really excited to be putting out a mega slice of super hard-pop from multi-instruMENTALIST and all round, all rounder, Lonely Wholesome!!

Lonely Wholesome, for those who don't know, is Jonah Falco...the man who puts the Career in Career Suicide, the Mad in Mad Men, the Smart in Smartboys and the Up in Fucked Up...yeah!

Anyway, it should be up in the web shop thing sometime in mid-May and I'll get it into so REAL shops too. The versions in the REAL shops are a special edition where you have to spend money on some other stuff too to be able to get it (...this is a joke about spending more money in record shops...I think!).

Seriously though, it's going to be a limited 7" with hand stamped labels and sleeves. The first 100 copies will be on coloured vinyl and I won't do any pre-order thing because that's when things get messy! So, if you wanna drop your styli on one of these first hundred copies, drop me an email and I'll put you on my's over there on the right, right?

There will be other things coming soon too...and I'll get over adding links, ok?

Please have fun

Friday 21 March 2014

Hi, so...i'm doing things through this 'spotblob' thing now. Hopefully it means I can keep you more up to date on things that are coming from Wild Animals Records.

There are some great things coming soon so keep 'em peeled (your eyes) (...not literally!)....

Lonely Wholesome 'Lethargy' 7"
Sheen 'Sheen' CD
Crap Crab 'Crap Jam, Crab Paste' CD

...ok, i made up the name of that last one, but it is coming. I'm woking on a crab shaped inner sleeve inside a crab pot shaped outer sleeve! I hate myself that much!!

Have fun x