Tuesday 15 April 2014

'Sheen' by Sheen ...for sale NOW! only 42 copies mind...so be quick!

Hi Skeletons, I've just added the new album from Sheen to the shoppe...


I've just spilt my own lovely review of the band out the top of my brains...it's in the shop thing.
But here are some other kind words peeps have written about them recently:

...and even the NME got involved: "London six-piece Sheen might just be the midpoint where Sonic Youth and The Perks Of Being A Wallflower meet. Made up of members who come from Wales, Poland and beyond, their twisted take on dream-pop and shoegaze is gloriously seductive, the sound of a band revelling in a unification of different cultures.

Anyway, the poor buggers have split up. When I heard their last show in March 2014 was also their album launch gig, I got in contact to see if Wild Animals Records could do a physical version...happily, they agreed! I'm glad i got to see them a bunch of times while I lived in London.

There are only 42 copies of this and eight copies are earmarked for the band and myself. So, only 35 for sale...so move quick! It comes in a silver screen printed and hand-numbered black Arigato Pak. CDs are hand stamped and there are a couple of card insert that actually look quite professional!

UK pals, current exchange rate makes this about £8.00 delivered. BARGAIN!

Next up we've got a super nice Crap Crab thing and the Lonely Wholesome 7"...exciting!


Friday 11 April 2014

Sheen (ex-band from London)

Hi you y'all, all the bits for the Sheen CD arrived this week so I should get them done this weekend (maybe...I'm going to see Midnight Woolf on Sunday).

Anyway, if you really can't wait you can buy a boring old download from here.

Also, they sent me the 'thank you' list they wanted in the CD too late...so just read it on that link above...ok?! (Sorry Sheen).

Also, my pal Dave helped me out with the more computery stuff on this one...people kept asking me about DPI...I told them, I'm not into that, my back door is one-way only, baby!!
Anyway, you can get his help too here...dch.do ...he's so talented that if he wasn't my pal I'd be sick in his letter box, and I'm not talking 'DPI'...!?
...oh, and this is his fave song...