Wednesday 7 January 2015

Claws & Organs 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' 12"....OUT NOW!!

Well, it took a bit of time to arrive and turned up on the worst possible day (Christmas Eve!...I was very busy!)...BUT, the Claws & Organs 12" EP 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' is finally here for your aural pleasure!

It's six tracks of dark, grungy fuzz and the package is blooming lush:
227 copies, 109 black, 118 on random colour vinyl.
Sleeves are screen printed by Jem at We Empty Rooms and hand numbered & rubber stamped by me. You'll get a download code when you order the vinyl and the first 50 odd orders with get a gift too....maybe a Claws & Organs setlist, guitar pick, broken drum stick or even a super limited mix CD of tunes they like! ...or you might get a packing slip for the records when they were delivered.

There is also a few copies of the CD left: 50 copies. Hand numbered and rubber stamped. Handmade packaging with paper sting tied sides.

Some peeps said some nice stuff about did can read in on the bigcartel shop listing (I said they were translucent!).

Anyhoo, they have a bunch of gigs coming up...check 'em out HERE.

Next up will be the debut solo album by Aussie fuzz Legend Raul Sanchez from Magic Dirt, River Of Snakes, Midnight Woolf, The Ape and (probably) more! He remixed the album recently and added some guitar parts so we sat down and worked out what he wanted it to look will be lush! I'm already proud of it and I've not even put craft knife to cardboard yet! There will be only 73 copies and, if it doesn't get too hot down in Oz, it'll be ready late Feb/early March.

Still got Lonely Wholesome 7" for sale....still got some of the colour 7"s...what the fuck is wrong with you people?! HAHA! Fucked Up are in Oz in Feb and I'm trying to twist Jonah's arm to do a LW show....but we'll see. I'd be happy with just a Fucked Up show really!

Later in the year I'll have a split 12" with Hey Colossus and Hotel Wrecking City Traders and a split 7" with Bodies and Ex-Wives. Both are going to be fanning fucktastic!

God, I always write too much on this blog....someone told me i should start a twitter...what do you rek?

Thanks for the reads.
Please buy stuff HERE and keep my dream alive!

Love Danx