Saturday 22 November 2014

Claws & Organs 12" and CD! Hotel Wreckers & Hey Colossus split 12"! Bodies & Ex-Wives split 7"!

This is an exact copy of an email i just sent....coz i'm a lazy sod!

Hi  everybody,

I've just put the Claws & Organs 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' 12" and CD up in the shoppe...
CD is limited to just 50 copies and i've only got as many as were leftover from their recent tour! 12" vinyl will be ready early December but you can get your wallets out now and buy a copy if you like. There are only 200 copies, 100 black, 100 random colours of which i'll do a break down when i get 'em.

When I first saw Claws & Organs playing at the Old Bar in Melbourne they evoked memories in me of nights out back in the Old Smoke seeing Stony Sleep, The Horrors, Nine Black Alps and loads of other stuff I loved in my 20's. The second time I saw them (at The Tote) I asked them if I could put a record out by them! When they sent me the tracks that make up 'I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me' I was blown away! As grim and moody as it is fresh and exhilarating. They should play in the dark with a single while light and loads of dry ice....I saw them pay in a park recently, they were practically translucent!

Anyway, once that is out i'll start pinning down some ideas for Raul's CD. He's got some cool ideas so it should be a great package.

Beyond that, i'll be doing a couple of split vinyl records in 2015....a 12" from London stoners, Hey Colossus and Melbourne...err...stoners, Hotel Wrecking City Traders (...who are supporting Sleep at the Corner soon) and a 7" from beardy Scots, Ex-Wives and beardy Melburnians, Bodies! Unfortunately, getting record pressed take fooking ages and that Record Store Days thing gets right in the way so these may not be out for another!t eh?! Anyone know how to make a record pressing machine?

Thanks for reading. Please by some stuff and keep my dream alive!


Wild Animals Records


Claws & Organs "I Am Scum And Nobody Should Love Me" 12"/CD
Lonely Wholesome "Vanity/Lethargy" 7"
Giles Read "Law Of The Sea" CD
Sheen "Sheen" CD

COMING SOON...but not soon enough!

Bodies / Ex-Wives "Split" 7"
Hey Colossus / Hotel Wrecking City Traders "Split" 12"
Raul Sanchez i Jorge "Masks" CD