Friday 4 July 2014

Link me up, buttercup...

Hi Schnukie-Pops,

Thanks to all who have ordered the Lonely Wholesome 7". Still got a few coloured vinyl up for grabs HERE.
Noisey /Vice have interviewed Jonah and asked him about Box Hill...which is cute! you can read that HERE.
UK peeps, you can get the 7" from HERE, HERE, HERE or preferable from HERE.
People in the Americas can get it....soon....I've sent it to some has listed it yet! HA!
Aussies, you can get it from me or if you leave your house (in Melbs), HERE and HERE!

I've got two Crap Crab tapes left...IT FLEW OUT! Tapes are cool, yeah? (Jesus!!?). Anyway, get it HERE or if you are in the UK, HERE! Also, get a fucking fantastic 70+ song compilation from Riot Season Records HERE which is only a fiver (that's five English pounds) and also features a new Crap Crab tune and a shit tonne of other great bands!

The Sheen album has also picked up in the last couple of's been a slow burned but WHAT AN ALBUM! I bloody love a hand full left HERE and again, UK peeps can get it from HERE. Also, the band (who are now an 'ex' band) have just put up some live demos of newer tracks recorded after the album which is available HERE!

Just so you know, you might need to email some of those HERE's to get em, but they got em!

Next I'm doing a solo album thing of what I'll be calling Cowboy-Drone from Raul Sanchez i Jorge* form River Of Snakes, Magic Dirt, Midnight Woolf and The Ape (currently!), a CD from my old 'gig buddy' from the UK, Giles Reed....he does some great bluesy stuff and he's my mate.

Also, I want to put a records out by Gold Class and Monotony....but they won't reply to my emails!
But i will be putting Ex-Wives on a comp 7" later in the year!


Thanks for helping out

* i just found this, hilarious! "Oh...hey!"